FLUIDA.IT is the ideal hi-tech means of transport, designed with ease of handling and elegance in mind. Extremely light, flexible, slimline, compact and easy to use, FLUIDA.IT has been designed 'made-to-measure' for the needs of the 'metropolitan nomad', to cater for both the dynamic rhythms of daily life, and moments of relaxation.
FLUIDA.IT follows you wherever you go and proves to be an unusual lifeboat for getting out of traffic when your car is in a jam or when you have to reach somewhere in a hurry, out of town too. It can be used in all situations and put back in place easily, without any knocks or hitches, in all those places (the car bonnet, lift, camper, boat) where a traditional bicycle proves impractical and is too big for.
FLUIDA.IT stands out for its flexible styling and guarantees high performance, far higher than other folding bikes, thanks to the use of racing bike frame technology. The most revolutionary and prominent feature is the different sized wheels that, while leaving the power and roadholding capabilities unchanged, ensure that size is reduced by 50% compared to a normal bike. Besides extremely compact design and ease of use, FLUIDA.IT has other features such as complete handlebar rotation, based on a notched position system, as well as folding pedals.
FLUIDA.IT is ideal for both short trips and longer distances: the fact should not be overlooked that, to verify its durability, it covered 2500 Km in a single journey across Europe.
FLUIDA.IT has already achieved 'cult status' among cycling enthusiasts, a jewel for those who appreciate design and who believe that an object, together with functional and ergonomic aspects, should also offer esthetics and emotions.


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