ABITARE + 09.2002

in News, pg.100

Weighting just five kilos and completely fold-away (to a minimum size of 112x27x90 cm) so as to fit in the boot of the car or to be carried around like a suitcase, this is the first creation by the new firm Fluida.it, founded to put into practice the philosophy of Isao Hosoe on 'beahvourial energy design' through means of transport. Here it translates into the 'Fluida.it' city-bike, designed by Marco Gaudenzi: a product that is basically an extension of the human body.
Its attractive design is the result of work in the combined fields of technology and ergonomics. It has two differently-sized wheels (the smaller front wheel merely sets the direction, withe standard-size back wheel providing balance and power), a handmade lightweight aluminium alloy frame, a folding steel handlebar, back-pedal brakes, and the anti-teft device built into the pull-out saddle support.
The bicycle is on sale at fashion and design showrooms, selected for their ability to interpret developments in modern styles of living.


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