AUTO&DESIGN + 08/09.2002

in Industrial Design, pg. 73-74

Designers continue to be inspired by the problems of mobility, especially the problem of getting around town. One answer might be the Fluida.it, the compact folding bike designed by Marco Gaudenzi that is the first product of the company set up by Isao Hosoe to do what he calls Behavioural Energy Design and which bears the same name as the bike. Lightweight, flexible, ultra compact and easy to use, Gaudenzi's 'Velocipide for Urban Nomads' take fold-ability just about as far as it will go with a little help from racing bike technology. The Fluida.it's most distinctive external feature is its of differently sized wheels at front and back which make it 50% less bulky than a traditional bike, without sacrificing power or road grip. In addition, the handlebars click into different positions, rotating a full 360ˇ around their axis and pedals fold away. It all adds up to an innovative interpretation of a highly traditional means of individual transport, an interpretation that combines the Western architectural background of Marco Gaudenzi and the Oriental philosophical stance of Isao Hosoe. This is what Hosoe has to say. 'For two hundred centuries - and even today in the occasional tiny anthropological niche - the nomad has lived on the move, has kept his possessions to the minimum required for survival. The nomad sees himself as an event in the world that imposes no order of any kind upon that world. Put simply, nomads make use of what they find and exploit their own behavioural energy rather than stealing and destroying the energy trapped in matter. If we were able to rediscover the intelligence of the nomad, his culture of movement, we would gain access to deeper layers of our eighth sense. We would pull harder on our bowstrings to make our arrows travel farther, rediscover something we have long forgotten and learn to live in a different, presumably better way.


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